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Inbound links, or backlinks, are extremely valuable. They bring in authority from outside sources.

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Start by posting your project and describe your needs. Based on that, all the relevant bloggers will be matched with your project.

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Wait for our bloggers to post their project proposals and review them by relevance, price to help to make your selection.


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Pay the blogger(s) at the end of the project after the work has been delivered. No deposit or upfront payment required.

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Guest Blog Post Writing

Guest blog post writing

Guest blog post are the core of our business. We provide you with on-demand access to professional and verified bloggers from all around the world. Real bloggers, real websites, real links, real traffic with real results. Connect, Collab and create!

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Needless to say that our bloggers are incredible writers. Copywriting is their 'bread and butter' so we are naturally offering a high-end copywriting service. You post your project and our bloggers will respond with their proposals.

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Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns

Our blogger community combinedly represent over 10 Million + Instagram followers, 37 Million plus + Youtube views per month and 10 Million + Pinterest views to name but a few of the metrics. Our bloggers are ranging from Micro to Mega social media accounts across many niches. You post your project and our bloggers will respond with their proposals.

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Is this an outreach service?

No. Guest Bloggers Wanted is a community of individual professional bloggers. Your project listing will reach thousands of bloggers the minute you'll submit its details. Of course if you have a specific need and by any chance its not covered by our bloggers we will outreach and find the very best solution for your project.

Is this a "blog farm/blog network"?

No. Guest Bloggers Wanted is a community of individual bloggers. A "blog farm/blog network" is hundreds if not thousands of blogs owned by the same person or company to be solely used to post guest articles on them. The problem is that this leaves a footprint and can actually effect your ranking in a negative way.

Are there niches you don't accept?

-Geo-based keywords (IE, dentist NYC, dentist in NYC) as many publishers do not accept these, they look spammy and don’t fit naturally into a sentence.
-Adult, pharma, or otherwise grey niches
-Sexual Orientation based niches
-Casino / Gambling
-Firearm-related niches
-Foreign (non-English) keywords
-Politics and International News

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking metric developed by Moz that predicts how well a site will rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores range from 1 to 100. All of our bloggers are ranked by their DA score. You can read more about it here: Domain Authority: What is It & How Does It Work? - Moz

Can I see some some of your work?

Of course. Here are some examples of our guest blog post projects. Click on the brand name below to take you to the guest blog post.

Japan Experience
Miles Car Rental
Money Expert

How much does it cost to hire through Guest Bloggers Wanted?

Guest Bloggers Wanted is FREE for Bloggers to register and FREE for clients to post their projects.

We make money by taking buy charging a small % on top of the bloggers individual bids. This transaction fee allows us to fund our work in verifying new bloggers, marketing, operating our business and deal with the payment process.